How to Use Cedar Oil for Pets

Consumers who are searching for an organic, safe alternative to man made chemicals as an effective solution for controlling flea, mite and tick infestations for dogs and cats will be delighted to discover the uses of cedar oil. Cedar oil is available in a variety of formulations that are designed to not only help prevent infestation in the first place, but work as an effective treatment for removing fleas, mites and ticks from your pets and their bedding, and can promote healing of other epidermal skin conditions as well.

How to Use Cedar Oil for Pets and Their Bedding
DG Cedar Oil offers a topical spray formula that features cedar oil and hydrated silica which can be sprayed directly onto pets’ skin/coat to neutralize adult insects like fleas, ticks, mites, lice and other biting pests and dehydrate the larvae and eggs in order to interrupt the life cycle of the insects. This formula is also effective for treating and promoting the healing of a variety of skin allergies and conditions including dry or flaky skin, bacterial infections and yeast infections as well.

Consumers who are concerned about how to use cedar oil for pets, bedding, or around the house and yard may wish to check out some of the other natural cedar oil products offered by DG Cedar Oil. These products, include a variety of sprays that are specifically designed for various environmental applications. Unique cedar wood sawdust granules are an excellent choice preventative ground cover as well as for use as an effective pet bedding material. All are designed to work together to create a pest free environment for pets and other animals. In addition to the variety of cedar oil insecticides and treatment products available, there are a number of specialized kits, sprayers and applicators that are designed to make the prevention and control of fleas, mites and ticks more convenient for consumers.

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