Cedar Tree Oil Uses

Consumers who are fed up with the massive number of man made chemical formulas that promise results, yet infect our environment with dangerous, unhealthy toxins may find peace of mind when they discover the multitude of cedar tree oil uses. While many people are well aware that cedar tree oil is commonly known as a natural solution for treating various skin ailments like acne and rashes, as well as for promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss and controlling dandruff, many consumers are not aware of the numerous additional cedar tree oil uses.

There is an abundance of natural products available on the market that feature cedar oil. The oil is often used as a personal insect repellant for humans, as a treatment for fleas, ticks and mites on pets, and to control infestations from a variety of pests including mites, scorpions, bedbugs, roaches, ants, termites and more. Even mice, rats and snakes are repelled by cedar oil. If weeds are an issue, there is even a special industrial strength 100% vinegar formula that is specifically designed to help control those too.

Cedar Tree Oil Uses for Concrete and Wood Petri-Wood Wood Stabilizer and Concrete Sealant, an organic, cedar oil based formula, is a natural and effective solution for protecting and sealing both wood and concrete structures. It can be used on a variety of wooden surfaces to help add protection from wear and tear, as well as from exposure to the elements. Wooden play sets, wooden lawn or patio furniture, decks, fences, and other wooden structures as well as patios and even driveways can be effectively treated with Petri-Wood. Contractors who are concerned about proven, high quality natural products often use Petri-Wood for load bearing walls, siding, subflooring, paneling and more.

Whether you are interested in controlling pest infestations or treating skin ailments on your pets, a personal insect repellant for yourself and your family members, preventing weeds and pests in your home or yard, or sealing concrete and wood structures, chances are that DG Cedar Oil has just the right formula to meet your needs. With the wide variety of sprayers, foggers and other applicator systems available, using organic cedar tree oil is both safe and convenient to use whether applying indoors or out. If you are ready to ditch harmful, man made chemical solutions, you’ll find an excellent alternative for a wide variety of situations when you discover the many uses of cedar tree oil.


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