How to Use Cedar Oil for Pets

Consumers who are searching for an organic, safe alternative to man made chemicals as an effective solution for controlling flea, mite and tick infestations for dogs and cats will be delighted to discover the uses of cedar oil. Cedar oil is available in a variety of formulations that are designed to not only help prevent infestation in the first place, but work as an effective treatment for removing fleas, mites and ticks from your pets and their bedding, and can promote healing of other epidermal skin conditions as well. Continue reading How to Use Cedar Oil for Pets

Cedar Tree Oil Uses

Consumers who are fed up with the massive number of man made chemical formulas that promise results, yet infect our environment with dangerous, unhealthy toxins may find peace of mind when they discover the multitude of cedar tree oil uses. While many people are well aware that cedar tree oil is commonly known as a natural solution for treating various skin ailments like acne and rashes, as well as for promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss and controlling dandruff, many consumers are not aware of the numerous additional cedar tree oil uses. Continue reading Cedar Tree Oil Uses

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