Texas Red Cedar Heartwood Granules 20 pound bag

Texas Red Cedar Heartwood Granules 20 pound bag
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20 lbs. Cedar Heartwood Granules.
Provides stability for outdoor cedar pest control programs.

These cedar granules are cut from Texas red cedar and naturally contain high concentrates of aromatic red cedar oil which is naturally offensive to insects. They are perfect as ground cover to enhance any cedar oil pest control program.

Texas Granules Highlights:
  • Granules are cut from the center of choice, aged red cedar found only in east central Texas.
  • Cedar granules repel insects on lawns, in planters, flower beds and vegetable gardens.
  • Works on fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, roaches, scorpions, flies, no-see-ums, rodents, venomous snakes and more. Helps to control grubs.
  • Excellent for use inside atrium's and with indoor planter boxes.
  • Cedar granules have no adverse effect on beneficial insects such as butterflies, lady bugs and pollinating bees.
  • Granules offer safe and natural pest control properties when caring for domestic pets or livestock including horses, cattle, pigs, fowl, sheep, goats and more.
  • See "usage" tab for surface area coverage estimates.
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Directions for Use - 20 lbs. Texas Red Cedar Heartwood Granules
Provides stability for outdoor cedar pest control programs.

Product Usage Highlights:

  • Distributing granules as ground cover for insect control can be easily accomplished using a drop style fertilizer spreader. A hand held crank style seed spreader also works well and of course you can simply hand toss them. The primary objective is to repel insect activity outdoors and to provide safe, naturally controlled pest reduced comfort zones that can be frequently used by adults, children and pets alike. Granules are plant friendly (except with azaleas and rhododendrons). They are excellent for use with indoor atriums and planter boxes. Granules work great when caring for special insect control needs involving livestock.
  • When applied as ground cover it is considered best practice to perform periodic maintenance applications as needed to keep insects away year round. Pest control performance can be further enhanced by pre-treating areas with Nature's Defender Garden and Agricultural or Nature's Defender Lawn Kennel and Pet concentrate cedar oil sprays then topping with Granules.
  • Wrap some granules in a piece of cheesecloth to be placed with stored or closeted clothing or in dresser drawers. Don't forget to use some this way in food storage areas. An open container in your pantry will deter cereal beetles and other pests from harboring in foodstuffs. A little bit of these granules will go a long way.
  • Natural microbial qualities of cedar will help reduce or eliminate mildews and neutralize bacterial growth. Objectionable odors are neutralized, not just masked. Sprinkle in areas where you wish to enjoy only the pleasant and exciting aroma of red cedar. Can be used to rejuvenate or stimulate cedar closets or cedar chests.
Recommended Surface Coverage Estimates:
You cannot "overdose" with granules as they are an all natural cedar product with no synthetic chemicals added.
  • General Use Strength - 10 lbs. covers 2,500 sq. ft.
    Recommended for most insect control needs and for maintenance applications.
  • Medium Strength - 10 lbs. will cover 1,250 to 1,700 sq. ft.
    Recommended for first time applications, stubborn insect infestations, snake or rodent control and for grubs.
  • Strong Cedar Strength - 10 lbs. will cover 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft.
    For stubborn situations such as location or time of year and personal preference.
How to use cedar granules to establish an outdoor perimeter of the home or any structure against insect populations:
  • This outdoor protocol is an important step for achieving a lasting holistic all natural pest control program. Cedar granules will help keep pests from entering your home or other structures. If your goal is to reduce opportunities for crawling bugs, scorpions, snakes, subterranean termites and rodents to get in from outdoors it just makes since to build a two foot wide "mote" of defense around the exterior of the home (or other structures). This procedure will deter pests from entering.
  • When establishing use of this technique you may want to first apply an optional healthy soak to soil, grass and any vegetation in the 2 foot perimeter using any of our cedar oil concentrate sprays prior to laying down the granules. Then distribute the granules over the soaked perimeter while the area is still wet. The granules will work on their own but together the oil and the granules increase the effectiveness and treatment residual exponentially. Be sure to surround the entire home or structure while maintaining the 2 foot mote radius wherever possible. In addition to repelling adult and juvenile insects of the arthropod family, these granules help interrupt the insect life cycle as they promote de-hydration of eggs and larvae on contact.
For first time granule applications:
  • We recommend the medium cedar strength density for surface coverage be used for 1st time applications (10 lbs per 1250 to 1700 sq. ft.).
  • This extra density of granules helps to "kick-start" outdoor pest protection. When later applying maintenance applications, you can reduce density of granule coverage to general use levels (10 lbs. per 2500 sq. ft.) to rejuvenate the effectiveness of the cedar.
  • Re-apply as often as needed. Over time regular additions of cedar will continually increase the overall resulting insect reducing properties of the granules.
  • You cannot "overdose as there are no harsh ingredients in the granules to worry about.
How to apply cedar granules for insect control for grass and lawn areas:
  • Choose coverage strength per above guidelines or to suit your individual preferences and needs
  • For larger lawn areas, you may want to use a drop spreader designed for application of dry or granular materials such as fertilizers, etc. You can of course simply hand toss or use a hand held crank type seeder cedar granules too. If using a drop spreader, adjust to largest material setting. Spread cedar granules evenly over the intended area(s).
  • Be sure to water often for a few days. Avoid watering during the hottest times of the day. Morning or evening watering times will avoid possible phytoxoxic burn in temperatures over 90 degrees F.
  • For continuous insect control effectiveness perform periodic maintenance applications as needed throughout the seasons.
How to control insects with cedar granules for ornamental's and flowerbeds:
  • Use up to 10 lbs. per 500 sq. ft. of surface area. Hand toss cedar granules into the beds.
  • Spread evenly over all areas to be treated. Repeat application if there are early signs of renewed insect activity within a few days to a week.
  • Granules should not to be incorporated into flowerbed soil. Rather they should sit on top of the soil to allow the cedar properties to emit into the air and soil. Can apply over any type of mulch material such as pine needles, colored mulches, pine mulch or cypress mulch.
  • Applying cedar granules under shrubs will repel mosquitoes and other unwanted or offensive insects.
  • Insects of the arthropod family will experience trouble with reproductive and other activities from your treated shrub and flower bed areas.
  • Life cycle interruption is expected as cedar will hasten de-hydration of insect eggs and larvae.
  • Perform maintenance applications every 60 days.
How to reduce pests using cedar granules in vegetable gardens:
  • Use 5 lbs. per 500 sq. ft. when applied just after the planting or just after plants emerge.
  • Use 10 lbs. per 500 sq. ft. area for mature gardens.
  • Hand toss cedar granules onto the garden soil surface. Spread evenly over all surface areas being treated.
  • Perform maintenance applications every 60 days.
How to apply cedar granules for livestock related pest control:
  • Choose coverage strength per guidelines above or to suit your individual preference.
  • Can use granules in and around animal housing facilities and for all environments when caring for livestock.
  • Safe for use with horses, cattle, pigs, fowl, sheep, goats and exotic livestock.
  • Superior insect control properties of cedar granules will reduce insect populations commonly found around animals.
  • Natural microbial qualities of cedar will help reduce or eliminate mildews and neutralize bacterial growth.
  • Objectionable odors are eliminated, not just masked.
  • Spread cedar granules as ground cover or over existing bedding materials. Use virtually anywhere insects and animals come together.
  • Use to establish a perimeter of defense around barns or other out building foundations to keep insects away.
  • Perform maintenance applications every 60 days.

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4 out of 5
Location: NC
Date: Apr4l 15, 2024
This is the first time using this product or remedy for bugs so I'll see how it goes! But shipping was good and when asking a question, the reply was very timely & professional!
Verified Buyer Recommended
Love these for my dog run to keep fleas and ticks away
5 out of 5
Location: South Carolina
Date: August 7, 2023
This in combination with a cedar spray helps keeps fleas, ticks and more out of my dog run. No poison pesticides for my pets. Best and safest way to go.
Verified Buyer Recommended
Cedarwood granules
4 out of 5
Location: Graham texas
Date: June 28, 2023
Can't tell much of a difference yet. Fewer scorpions spiders and grasshoppers though. But still get a few of the mentioned making it to the porch.
Verified Buyer Recommended
Love the smell
5 out of 5
Location: Toto land
Date: June 1, 2023
For the price, and free/fast shipping really decent stuff. I love the smell the bugs don't. If only it kept the flies away!
Verified Buyer Recommended
Best bug prevention
5 out of 5
Location: Maine
Date: Apr0l 28, 2023
We live next to a pond. Which is a bug breeder. We couldn’t set out to grill in the summer as the bugs would chase us out. I have been using cedar granules for years . And now we can enjoy our yard. No ticks, mosquitoes or ants. We also had the tiny ants around our back patio and they would come inside. But even they are gone. I have told several of my friends and clients who are now using… as well as my ups driver! And all are happy.
Verified Buyer Recommended
It Works
5 out of 5
Location: California
Date: August 19, 2020
Our property was infested with gnats and mosquitoes. One application of this product has reduced them by 99%. It Is easy to use and I love the fact that it is all natural. We can finally sit on our patio and enjoy being out there.
Dry and Fast
5 out of 5
Ronald Bushnell
Location: Williamstown, Ma.
Date: July 10, 2020
I was worried these granolas would have a lot of water weight, but that was not the case - they were nice and dry relative to moisture content, will a high oil content. They were shipped right away, and I received the box in a couple of days, sooner than I expected. Considering the large box at 20 pounds of shipping that was included, it was a good deal - very nice filling for my linen pillow with a cotton inner bag, and an outer linen shams to swap for washing.
Verified Buyer Recommended
7 Total Reviews

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