Outdoor Cedar Oil Pest Control Applicator

Outdoor Cedar Oil Pest Control Applicator

Cedar oil insect control product sprayer for outdoor treatments.

  • Perfect companion for cedar oil outdoor pest control applications
  • Built-in-anti-siphon device prevents back flow
  • Fan spray for quick coverage of large areas
  • Sprays a solid stream up to 30 ft.
  • Fingertip on/off control
  • Durable, chemical resistant, rustproof polymer construction
This lawn sprayer provides quick and effective distribution of outdoor cedar oil formulas that are designed for use with water. Just fill the sprayer cup with properly diluted cedar oil, connect the sprayer to your garden hose and spray. Provides a powerful and chemical free weapon against pests in any outdoor areas where you wish to reduce insect presence.

The folowing steps will provide consistent and effective results for distribution of cedar oil insect control outdoors:

  • Pre-dilute cedar oil concentrate per product directions for desired strength.
  • Preferred concentrate to water ratio often depends on type of insect(s) present, geographic region, and time of year.
  • Place the mixture into cup of sprayer. Select desired spray pattern.
  • For most applications setting dial setting to a medium output will provide good results.
  • Make sure spray head is tightened securely to sprayer cup and hose is firmly attached.
  • You are ready to apply spray where desired to control pest presence.
  • When spraying is complete be sure to run some plain water through the sprayer during clean up.

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