The Truth About Flea Poisons

Flea control has been a topic of discussion with pet owners throughout history, and with the abundance of toxic chemicals on the market that promise to rid our pets and our homes of these pesky pests it has become a common practice for many individuals to purchase these products in hopes of finally finding a solution to flea invasion. Each year Americans spend millions of dollars on products like flea collars, spot-on treatments, sprays, powders and more, with some individuals even choosing to take their pets to the vet and have them dipped in a flea treatment. While many chemical products have been proven to be effective solutions for flea control, the dangers of using them have become more evident in recent years.

Commercial, chemically based pesticides have been known to cause a wide variety of skin ailments, respiratory diseases, cancers, seizures and an abundance of other medical conditions to pets, some of which have even resulted in death. In addition to your pet’s health, it is important to remember that your family members are being exposed to these dangerous ingredients as well. Thankfully, hazardous chemicals are not the only option for effective flea control. Cedar oil has been rated far superior to chemical pesticides when it comes to effectiveness in flea control as well as safety to pets and humans.

Cedar oil is a mixture of non-toxic compounds that have been deemed by the FDA to be safe even as a food preservative, and is therefore a much safer solution for your flea control needs. Modern advances in technology enables us to use cedar oil products in the form of a spray, fog, granules or liquid to effectively rid our homes and yards from flea infestations, and cedar oil sprays are now available for direct, safe application on pets. A wide variety of skin ailments including things like flea allergy dermatitis, hot spots, mange and mite problems can also effectively be addressed with cedar oil.

Why expose your pets, your home and your family to dangerous ingredients found in chemically based pesticides when there is a safe and effective product available like cedar oil?

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