Bee-killing pesticide found in garden store plants

A type of pesticide that’s a focal point in the controversy over endangered honeybees has turned up in garden-store plants sampled by Friends of the Earth. Other bee experts say the pilot study on neonicotinoids adds an important twist to the plight of the bees—but stress that more rigorous research needs to be done. Read The full article…
Mass Honeybee Deaths: Getting Worse, Not Better.

Fido and the fourth of July jitters… Tips from Paula Tarifaj, DVM to keep your dog calm during the festivities.

While you may enjoy this spectator holiday, it’s often the worst day of the year for dogs panicked by loud unexpected noises. Read the full article…
Fireworks Season – help dogs cope and keep them safely indoors!

How I Treat Itchy Smelly Dog Ears – Part 2, By Paula Terifaj, DVM of Dog Spa Resort

The microscopic presence of bacteria and yeast can easily be determined by taking a swab of the ear canal. Topical ear drops or ointments routinely prescribed are basically combo cocktails of antibiotics (to kill bacteria), antifungals (to kill yeast), and anti-inflammatory drugs like cortisone (necessary to dampen inflammation, stop the itch and reduce pain).
Part 2 on how to keep your dog’s ears healthy

Itchy Painful Smelly Ears – possible fix for the pain of it all – Part 1

If you are dragging your dog to the vet for yet another round of ear cleanings, ear drops and other costly meds – read on. Some dogs are never “cured” from these frustrating bouts of ear scratching, head shaking and smelly ooze. But there is hope that you can lessen these painful episodes with routine care. – See more at:
Read advice on how to keep your dog’s ears healthy from Paula Terifaj, DVM

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