History of Cedar Oil

Cedar oil, often referred to as cedarwood oil, is an oil that is derived from varieties of conifers like trees in the pine or cypress families. Traditionally, cedar oil has been used for a wide variety of medicines, perfumes, cleaning products, protectants and pesticides. 

Cedar oil has been used as a safe and effective solution for pest control for more than 1,000 years. The first documented use of cedar oil was by Ancient Egyptians who often used cedar oil in the embalming process in order to deter insects from invading corpses. The ancient Greeks used cedar oil in order to ward off infection, and would often use cedar oil on papaya leaves to prevent insect infestation. During the middle ages, Europeans used cedar oil to fumigate homes and streets that were infected with disease, rodents and insects. In the 17th century it was discovered that cedar oil was effective for the treatment of coughs, symptoms of tuberculosis and shortness of breath. Our forefathers often spread cedarwood dust on the floors of their homes to ward off a wide variety of pests.

In more modern times, cedar oil has become well known as an all natural, non-toxic, safe solution for the control of insects and rodents in homes, offices, barns, yards and as a topical application on pets.

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