Cedar Oil Insect Repellant

Numerous studies in recent years have uncovered a variety of ailments and harmful effects that have occurred in both children and adults due to the use of harmful insect repellants that contain toxic man made chemicals. With all of the horror stories we see on the news about this very topic, it’s enough to make even the most dedicated outdoorsman stay inside.

Additionally, while we would love to allow our children to play outside and explore the wonders of their environment, the fear of exposing them to pesky bug bites that can cause skin ailments and even disease, or worse yet, dousing them in poisonous chemicals that can be even more harmful, often makes us think twice about allowing them out the door. Thankfully, there are now organic cedar oil based alternatives available that are designed to effectively repel insects so we can enjoy things like picnics, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities without having to worry about exposure to chemicals.

Cedar oil insect repellant is safe for both adults and children, and it neutralizes insects on contact so you won’t have to worry about dangerous insect borne disease or complications from chemical pesticides ever again. Chances are, at one time or another you and your family members have been exposed to the displeasing scent of chemical based insect repellants, making outdoor time uncomfortable and sometimes even embarrassing. The cedar oil based formula, available at DG Cedar Oil, offers an aroma that is pleasant to
humans, but repulsive to insects and other pests. Hunters will be pleased to note that this formula can even be used to mask their human scent while they are in pursuit of their prey. Application of this all natural cedar oil insect repellant is both easy and convenient. Simply spray the personal insect repellant formula directly on clothing or skin and enjoy hours of outdoor fun as you stay protected from mosquitoes, chiggers, flies, ants, ticks and more. This all natural pest repellant is available in a variety of sizes, so stocking up so you can stay protected all summer long is a cinch. There is even a travel spritzer available to make it simple to stay protected while you are on the go.

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