The Truth About Flea Poisons

Flea control has been a topic of discussion with pet owners throughout history, and with the abundance of toxic chemicals on the market that promise to rid our pets and our homes of these pesky pests it has become a common practice for many individuals to purchase these products in hopes of finally finding a solution to flea invasion. Each year Americans spend millions of dollars on products like flea collars, spot-on treatments, sprays, powders and more, with some individuals even choosing to take their pets to the vet and have them dipped in a flea treatment. While many chemical products have been proven to be effective solutions for flea control, the dangers of using them have become more evident in recent years. Continue reading The Truth About Flea Poisons

How Cedar Oil Works

With an increasing number of consumers investigating the possibilities of natural substances to control pests, cedar oil is growing in popularity. While many consumers are aware of the fact that non-toxic cedar oil is an extremely effective solution for repelling insects, mice and rats, and a variety of other pesky varmints, the science behind why it is so effective is not widely understood. Continue reading How Cedar Oil Works

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