Chemical Free Insect Control Spray, All Natural Cedar Oil Indoor Formula, Dr. Ben's Evictor, Gallon

Chemical Free Insect Control Spray, All Natural Cedar Oil Indoor Formula, Dr. Ben's Evictor, Gallon

Dr. Ben's Evictor Insect Control Cedar Oil Spray Formula

Evictor is a safe and effective all natural cedar oil based insecticidal solution. No chemicals in this product. It is both an insect neutralizer and a pest repellent that is designed primarily for indoor pest control use. This proprietary formula contains just pure cedar oil that has been extracted from Texas Red Cedar trees and an inert carrier, hydrated silica. This combination of ingredients creates a unique bio-influenced solution that quickly neutralizes insects of the arthropod family on contact. Mosquitoes, chiggers, no-see-em's, flies, ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, mites weevils, silverfish and a host of other annoying insects are all targets of this natural formula. Repels rats, mice and venomous snakes too. Cedar and other essential oils are often known to have naturally potent insecticidal properties and pheromone diffusion qualities that adversely affect insects and other unwanted pests.

Why cedar oil for pest control?

We consider cedar oil from the Texas hill country to be the most potent essential oil available for insect control use.

Why use an all natural pest control product?

According to leading entomologists, many parasitic and/or other nuisance insects such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs are developing natural immunities to man made synthetic pesticides. Although our society has become accustomed to rely upon modern science to provide answers for our pest control needs, many such man made and chemically induced products have likely become less effective for use to reduce unwanted insect activity.

Historically there is no known mechanism by which insects can develop resistance to cedar oil. That is why using cedar oil based insecticide products will undoubtedly result in pest control being one less thing for you to think about.

Growing numbers of both university and independent researchers are publicizing reports indicating strong evidence may exist to show that long term exposure to harsh chemicals found in today's synthetic pesticides could have significant negative impact on many health issues of adults, children, animals, plant life and even the well being of our entire environment.

Dr. Ben's offers an extremely effective alternative to the chemical problem. It is a minimum risk and federally registration exempt pesticide product made from all natural ingredients. No synthetic or laboratory produced chemicals here. It consistently delivers quality performance when applied for indoor control of mosquitoes, chiggers, no-see-em's, flies, ants, ticks, weevils, silverfish and a host of other annoying insects. Repels rats, mice and venomous snakes too. Adult and juvenile insects which come into contact with this solution will become totally overwhelmed and either expire very quickly or will immediately move on to more hospitable areas. An exclusive additional benefit of this proprietary formula includes quick demise of three generational phases of the pest life cycle. When applied to unhatched insect offspring this formula will promote rapid dehydration of eggs, larvae and pupae.

How does Dr. Ben's cedar oil formula reduce, neutralize and repel unwanted pest activity?

Evictor relies on insect resistant properties that are naturally inherent to cedar oil. Most people recognize that historically cedar wood has been recognized to neutralize and repel insect activity. Dr. Ben Oldag was instrumental in the development of an insect targeting "cocktail" that combines cedar oil with an inert compound known as hydrated silica. Dr. Ben's research determined that by combining pure oil when extracted in particular from the Texas Red Cedar tree with this inert compound serves to greatly enhance natural pest control properties of cedar oil. The result is a product that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), yet will seriously interfere with many several critical life functions of insects of the arthropod family.

The formula acts in one or more of the following ways to reduce unwanted pests:

(1) Promotes osmotic dehydration:
By leaching moisture from the insects body, the solution essentially deprives insects of life giving water.
(2) Triggers interference with breathing:
By causing serious irritation to the respiratory system of many insects, (especially those of a high olfactory nature), Dr. Ben's forces the insect body to involuntarily stop breathing. By shutting down life giving respiration, the insect's reflex is attempting to avoid taking in these extremely powerful irritants. When contact is prolonged for just a short period of time, (usually about 30 to 40 seconds), the result can be a form of cedar induced suicide.
(3) Creates pheromonal induced mind altering interference:
This is a reaction that interrupts and attacks the octopamine neuro-receptors that are crucial for neurotransmitter regulation of metabolism, movement, feeding, reproduction and overall behavior. In short, the formula seriously disorients the insect and can result in severe brain damage to unwanted pests.
(4) Life cycle disruption:
Dehydrates and dissolves insect eggs, larvae, pupae. This shuts down the reproductive cycle and reduces the birth rate of future generations.
(5) General life threatening events to insects:
Erodes the exoskeleton and cuticle of adult and juvenile insects. This exposes the inner and more delicate parts of the insect and they are easily vulnerable to demise when openly exposed to environmental elements.

What Are the Ingredients of Dr. Ben's Evictor?

Cedar Oil - 10%. EPA Exempt from Federal Registration under FIFRA section 25(B). Also an FDA food grade product.
Hydrated Silica - 90%. An abundant natural resource from Quartz rock that has been liquefied. EPA listed as a 4a inert carrier which qualifies in combination with cedar oil as exempt from Federal Registration 4a. Also an FDA food grade product.

Do not use cedar oil on or around pet reptiles, pet rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, or exotic birds

DR. BEN'S EVICTOR was developed for indoor control of pheromone based non-essential insects. No chemicals in this product. The proprietary formula is comprised of Texas red cedar oil and liquified quartz. This combination creates a bio-influenced solution that quickly neutralizes insects in the antropod family on contact. Evictor is a pheromone interruption agent for rats, mice and venomous snakes. Mosquitoes, Chiggers, No-See-Em's, Flies, Ants, Ticks, Weevils, Silverfish and a host of other annoying insects are compelled to leave areas treated. Spray on mattress and box springs in hotels/motels for assurance that the bed bugs won't bite.

Directions for Use - Dr. Ben's Evictor Indoor Pest Control Formula
Ready to use formula. Do not dilute. Dr. Ben's is primarily intended for indoor use.

How to treat indoors with cedar oil for general insect control:

No measuring or mixing since this solution comes ready-to-use. Can safely apply as often as desired to keep pests away. Surfaces treated with Dr. Ben's will neutralize and repel adult and juvenile insects from the area and will quickly promote dehydration of unborn eggs and larvae on contact. Periodic applications will insure the life cycle is disrupted and will keep the area free of unwanted insects.

Evictor is well suited to apply on virtually any surface. Spray on and under all types of wood, cloth or leather furnishings. Can treat any style flooring material including carpet. Spray on mattresses and box springs, on closeted or other stored clothing. Use in bathroom cabinets, under sinks, in cupboards, drawers, on appliances. Spray along all surface cracks, along baseboards, around window sills and on counter tops. Wipe down counter tops prior to food preparation to avoid product contaminating food or drink. This product is not intended for internal consumption, however it's safe to use on your skin. If applying to facial areas, spray into hands, then massage on facial skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Contains cedar oil as the active ingredient yet it does not leave an oily residue behind. Will not stain or attract dirt.

Hold bottle upright and aim spray nozzle toward intended treatment areas. Whenever possible, be sure the mist comes into direct contact with insects. Direct spraying of insect activity with this solution is the most effective method to eliminate unwanted pests quickly.

Do not use cedar oil on or around pet reptiles, pet rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, or exotic birds

When treating entire rooms or structures for indoor infestations, be sure to refer to treatment protocols for applying Dr. Ben's cedar oil insect control formulas. For outdoor elimination of insect activity, be sure to check the related products tab on this page. There you will find Nature's Defender brand cedar oil solutions that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

How to treat outdoor spot sightings of unwanted insect activity with Dr. Ben's cedar oil formula:

Evictor should never be used on or around any plant life or be applied on any soil that you plan for future use to plant in when treating for unwanted pests. The formula will dissipate quickly in any outdoor setting and does not offer a high residual for ongoing pest control purposes when used outdoors. However, if you see outdoor insect activity that you would like to immediately deal with in ares that do not involve plant life, Evictor will eliminate the problem quickly. Just spray the formula directly onto the unwanted pests and you will see immediate results. For longer term prevention outdoors be sure to see the Nature's Defender cedar oil product listings available from DG Cedar Oil or click on the related items tab on this page.

How to treat indoors with Evictor cedar oil formula for bed bugs, mites and other pest infestations:

Click the Download Bed Bug Agenda button at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Ben's Evictor Spray Product Notifications:

Ready-to-Use Formula - do not dilute.
Do Not apply mist near any open flame. Extinguish all pilot lights near treatment areas.
Not intended for internal consumption or for use with plant life. Keep out of reach of children.
Safe to apply on human skin unless you are sensitive to wood oil allergies. Always avoid direct contact with eyes.
If facial application is desired, spray into palms of hands then apply to areas of face as desired while avoiding eyes.

Do not use cedar oil on or around pet reptiles, pet rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, pet ferrets, pet guinea pigs, or exotic pet birds.

Minimum risk pesticide. EPA registration exempt product under FIFRA section 25(b).
Active Ingredient: CEDAR OIL - 10%, 40 CFR 152.25 CAS # 68990-83-0
Inert Ingredient: HYDRATED SILICA - 90%, 4 A 40 CFR 180.950 CAS # 7699-41-4

Ready to use formula - Do Not Dilute. Spray wherever sightings of unwanted insects occur. For periodic pest control maintenance, spray under sinks, cabinets, appliances, cracks, along baseboards and windows. Also effective to dehydrate and destroy insect eggs and larvae to interrupt the reproduction cycle and prevent infestations. Will not stain furnishings or upholstery. Wipe down counter tops prior to food preparation to avoid product contaminating food or drink. You can safely apply as often as needed to keep pests away. This product is not intended for internal consumption, however it's safe to use on your skin. When applying to facial areas, spray into hands, then massage on facial skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Can safely apply as often as needed to keep pests away.

Download Cedar Oil Usage PDF Download Infestation and Bed Bug Instruction PDF

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