Commander Tri Jet non thermal fogging machine by Createch USA.

Commander Tri Jet non thermal fogging machine by Createch USA.
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Cold Mist Fogging Machine features:

  • Manufactured by Createch USA, a 30 year leader in the fogging/atomizing industry
  • Perfect for application of insect control products and Mold/Mildew control products
  • Non thermal operation is perfect for spraying either oil or water based products
  • Available electrical for either 110V or 220V UL rated motor (specify when ordering)
  • Includes intake filter, power supply cord, heavy duty motor and triple action nozzle
  • Five year manufacturers warranty
Non-Thermal (cold mist) Fogging Overview:
A fogging machine enhances results of cedar oil applications especially when larger scale pest control projects or mold control programs are being performed. A cold fogger emits an ultra fine mist of whatever liquid you are using to address your goals. Air particles become highly concentrated with oil or water based products when delivered using a Commander Tri-Jet fogging machine. This method is the most efficient way to deliver liquids into even the tiniest cracks and crevices. When you need to address stubborn insect or mold control situations, a fogger is a must. Fogging applications are strongly recommended when dealing with problems such as bed bugs, bird mites, rodent mites or any type of parasitic insect infestations that may exist. This machine can be used to apply any of our indoor or outdoor cedar oil formulas but we don't recommend using the outdoor products inside or vice versa. Fogging and cedar oil is a perfect fit for use in single family homes, hotels, motels, shelters, transitional housing facilities, apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses and more.

Fogging machine basic operation::

  • Unhook the four latches that attach the fogger head to the tank.
  • Pour desired amount of cedar oil into the tank.
  • Re-attach the four latches to secure the tank.
  • Set the droplet size to medium for most applications.
  • Plug machine into outlet, turn power switch on, hand hold the machine and aim the fog discharge jets where mist is desired
  • Turn off all pilot lights/furnaces.
  • Do Not Spray or fog into flames.
  • Turn off all fire alarms.
  • Turn off AC.
  • Remove pets (ALL)
  • Close all windows
  • Wear protective mask and goggles prior to fogging
  • Close all windows

After fogging it is best to leave the room closed up for a minimum of 3 hours but for best results allow 24 hours prior to re-entering a treated room if possible.
Upon re-entry, open up all windows and turn on ceiling and portable fans so that the air will circulate and direct air flow to leave the room through windows and opened doors. Do not use AC for airing out the structure as you may get the aroma of cedar into the filter and other areas that will take a while to get rid of. You can now wipe down the tops of all counter tops. DO NOT VACUUM, allow all furniture and carpeting to dry naturally, once dried wipe thoroughly.

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