Secure your yard & home today from insect invasion!

Cedar oil indoor & outdoor pest control kit treats yard, home, pets & more

Cedar oil indoor & outdoor pest control kit treats yard, home, pets & more

The indoor/outdoor kit includes these items:

  • One each US gallon Dr. Ben's Evictor organic cedar oil Ready-to-Use Formula.
  • One each 16 oz. spray bottle of Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws all natural cedar oil flea, tick and mite formula.
  • One each compression style pump-up atomizer for product application.
  • One each 32 oz. bottle of Natures Defender PCO Choice cedar oil concentrate.
  • One each Hose end style spray applicator.

Dr. Ben's Evictor:

A multi-purpose insect spray suited for use in any indoor setting.

  • Made from natural cedarwood oil
  • Kills and repels bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites
  • Use daily, weekly or as needed

Nature's Defender Outdoor Bug Spray:

Natures Defender is a pest control concentrate made from natural cedarwood oil. Designed for use in lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces, this product kills & repels Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants, and Mites.

  • Made with Natural cedarwood oil
  • Highly concentrated and must be diluted
  • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, and mites
  • Apply monthly or as needed

Directions for Use - PCO Choice Concentrate Outdoor Insect Control Spray:

PCO Choice in combination with large amounts of water will be instrumental to repel numerous non beneficial insects and pests including, but not limited to, ants, fleas, ticks, mites, flies, mosquito's, scorpions, moths, beetles, mole crickets, grubs, cinch bugs, army worms, mole crickets, chiggers, grasshoppers, white fly, Mediterranean fruit flies, citrus rust mites, nematodes, aphids, scale, stink bugs, bag worms, eastern tent caterpillars, snakes, rodents and numerous other flying, crawling or subterranean pests. It has no effect on beneficial or pollinator insects such as butterflies, bee's and any of the amphibian or lizard family.

Dilution ratio's vary depending on intended use and application method.

General Usage Guidelines:
The first application is the most important. The objective is to make sure a liberal soak is accomplished to all areas including shrubberies, trees, grass and concrete areas. Spray over casual standing water to knockdown mosquito activity. PCO Choice can be used as a drench or foliage spray. During a heavy insect season you can apply as often as needed. PCO Choice can be applied to fruits and vegetable right up to harvest time. Do not spray on azaleas or rhododendrons. When applying Nature's Defender it's a good idea to spray in the morning or early evening times. Avoid hot times of day since applying the oil in direct sunlight can cause phytotoxic burn to plant life in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees F.

Follow up applications should be conducted as needed by simply getting the previously treated areas wet with solution. If you apply this follow up protocol, you can enjoy a significant reduction of insects and pheromone driven pests that may be in the area. Often insects will not travel more than 150 feet. By maintaining a minimum 150 foot radius around areas you designate as an "off limit" zone future pest activity is unlikely to be a frequent problem.

PCO Choice concentrate using a hose end sprayer:
Pour 4 ounces of PCO concentrate into the cup of the hose end applicator (cup usually has legend). Fill to the 32 ounce line with tap water. Attach sprayer to a garden hose, set the sprayer controls to medium settings. Make sure the product lever to "on" (if your sprayer has one). You are ready to begin spraying. The solution will dilute further as you spray since water is being added from the hose so you can expect it will cover a large area. When the spray cup is empty, refill per above and continue spraying until finishing all areas you wish to treat. This treatment is very inexpensive and will help resolve many other issues such as scale on plants, powdery mildew and other fungal problems that may exist. PCO loves water so periodic rains will enhance it's performance.

Common dilution ratios for treatment by applicator type:

  • 20 gallon garden type hose end sprayer:
    Pour 8 ounces of concentrate into cup of hose end sprayer. Fill remainder of cup to fill line with water. Screw on hose end top to close cup and hook up to a garden hose. This will give you approximately 20 full gallons of ready-to-spray insect protection product.
  • Trigger type, Back Pack & Pump up sprayers:
    Mix 3% or 4 ounces of concentrate to one gallon water. One quart Nature's Defender concentrate makes 8 gallons of spray ready product.
  • Large trailer or truck mounted tank applicators:
    64 ounces of concentrate to 55 gallons of water
    1 gallon of concentrate to 100 gallons of water
    2 gallon of concentrate to 200 gallons of water
  • Misting Systems:
    Mix 32 ounces of Nature's Defender concentrate to 55 gallons of water in drum
  • Water Injection Systems:
    2 to 3 ounces concentrate per 1000 sq. ft. per zone - per month
  • Non thermal fogging:
    3% (or 4 ounces of concentrate to one gallon water)

Establishing an insect free perimeter around buildings:
First spray the sides of the structure(s) you wish to protect, (this could be your home for example), with properly diluted cedar oil spray per the application method you are using. Continue treating surfaces including concrete, soil, masonry, lawns, gardens and other vegetation while moving in an outward direction from the building until you are satisfied you have covered the perimeter you wish to treat.

Grub worm treatments:
Using 8 ounces Natures Defender to one gallon of water in a back pack, trigger or compression sprayer you need to saturate the infested area to penetrate deep into the soil. Best time to spray is right before a good rainfall. Otherwise follow up with regular watering or spray additional water right on top of treatments to achieve deep penetration of the cedar solution into the soil.

Directions for Use - Dr. Ben's Evictor Indoor and Paws and Claws Pest Control Formulas.
Ready to use formula. Do not dilute. Dr. Ben's is primarily intended for indoor use and should not be used to treat live plants.

How to treat indoors with Evictor for general insect control:
No measuring or mixing since this solution comes ready-to-use. Can safely apply as often as desired to keep pests away. Surfaces treated with Dr. Ben's will neutralize and repel adult and juvenile insects from the area and will quickly promote dehydration of unborn eggs and larvae on contact. Periodic applications will insure the life cycle is disrupted and will keep the area free of unwanted insects.

Evictor is well suited to apply on virtually any surface. Spray on and under all types of wood, cloth or leather furnishings. Can use on any style flooring material including hardwood, tile, carpet, rugs, mop boards and floor molding. Spray on mattresses and box springs, on closeted or other stored clothing. Use on bathroom cabinets, under sinks, inside cupboards, drawers or on appliances. Spray along all surface cracks, along baseboards, around window sills and on counter tops. After spraying wipe down food service or preparation counter tops prior to food preparation to avoid contaminating food or drink. This product is not intended for internal consumption. However it is safe to use on your skin. If applying to facial areas, spray into hands, then massage on facial skin to avoid contact with eyes. Although cedar oil as the active ingredient the solution does not leave an oily residue behind. Will not stain or attract dirt.

Hold bottle upright and aim spray nozzle toward intended treatment areas and spray. Whenever possible, be sure the mist comes into direct contact with insects. Direct spraying of insect activity with this solution is the most effective method to reduce presence of unwanted pests quickly.

How to treat indoors with Evictor for pest infestations including bed bugs, bird mites, rodent mites and other stubborn infestations:
When treating entire rooms or structures for indoor pest infestations, be sure to refer to treatment preparation protocols for applying Dr. Ben's cedar oil insect control formulas. See the usage tab on our gallon size Evictor product page and click on the text link "Download Bed Bug Agenda" at the bottom of the screen.

How to treat for outdoor spot sightings of unwanted insects with Evictor:
This formula is not plant friendly. If you see insects outdoors that you would like to immediately deal with in areas that do not involve plant life, Evictor will manage the problem quickly. Just spray the affected area(s) you wish to treat. Remember that the Evictor formula dissipates very quickly outdoors. For plant friendly solutions that offer longer term prevention outdoors, please refer to the outdoor section of the website or scroll to the related items below.

How to treat your pet with Dr Ben's Paws and Claws for flea, tick and mite control:
Spray a liberal amount directly on your pet including paws, legs, pits, groin, belly, neck, tail and rectum area. Always avoid contact of the solution with your pets eyes. For facial application to pets, spray product on hands and rub onto areas of the face that you wish to protect. Many pet owners apply a quick spray treatment before taking pets out for a walk or when pets are returning to the home environment after being out anywhere. Can also be applied to pet bedding areas or to any type of pet housing. Use as often as necessary. No chemicals here. Cedar oil is the only active ingredient.
Begin with application to lower parts of the body such as paws and/or legs. Gradually work your way up your pet's body by applying in sections. For example, you may start with application to paws and legs, then apply spray to belly and groin areas, apply to upper back and finally, you may wish to apply to facial areas. Always avoid contact with eyes. Spray the formula into palm of your hand and rub onto pet's face wherever facial application is desired.
Use as needed. We recommend performing flea, tick and mite applications at least once or twice a week.

A note for 1st time users of Paws and Claws:
Pet owners have reported a phenomenon that could signal a particular pet's sensitivity to the presence of cedar oil. As a precautionary measure, the following procedure for first use of Paws and Claws is recommended:
Some pets have been reported to groom attempting to remove applied cedar oil. During the grooming process, your pet may ingest the formula and could develop an upset stomach, exhibit a lethargic appearance, or, in rare cases may regurgitate as a result. Cat owners in particular have reported more susceptibility to this. If you observe any of these reactions with your pet, rinse the formula from applied areas and make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water available to drink. After a day or so you may wish to spot apply sparingly to see if your pet will gradually accept the formula. This is often simply be a process of an individual pet becoming accustomed to cedar oil. Continued applications of cedar oil insect control products are at the sole discretion of the individual pet owner.

How to treat pets experiencing intense flea, tick, mite or mange infestations:
This procedure will neutralize fleas, ticks, mites or other intense parasitic insect activity and help hasten the healing of damaged skin. Apply oil generously to damaged areas or hot spots on the skin. You should be able to see rapid exodus of insects from "hot spot" locations. Apply at least 3 times or more daily until skin returns to normal. Do not rinse. Anti microbial properties inherent to cedar oil will assist your pet's natural ability to repair the damaged skin and promote hair re-growth. Note that Dr. Ben's cedar oil aroma in large concentration could become overwhelming to the senses. Heavy applications should be performed in well ventilated areas to avoid discomfort for you or your pet.

How to treat with Paws and Claws for ear mites or other insect related problems of the ears:
Applications of Dr. Ben's in the ear will help neutralize ear mites and sooth chronic fungal organism issues of the ears. Be sure you to familiarize yourself with cautionary procedures when dealing with ears. There are many reputable articles available on the internet with good advice regarding animal ear care procedure. We encourage you to do a little research regarding acceptable methods and tools for caring for your pet's ears.

If you suspect a recurring source of fleas, ticks or mites may be originating from your pet's periodic outdoor activities, be sure to include treating outdoor areas that your pets frequently visit with the outdoor insect control products included in this kit.

Dr. Ben's Label Product Notifications:

  • Ready-to-Use Formula - do not dilute.
  • Do Not apply mist near any open flame. Extinguish all pilot lights near treatment areas.
  • Not intended for internal consumption or for use with plant life. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Safe to apply on human skin unless you are sensitive to wood oil allergies. Always avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • If facial application is desired, spray into palms of hands then message onto areas of face as desired while avoiding eyes.
  • Do Not Use on or spray around pet reptiles, pet rabbits, pet mice, pet rats, pet ferrets, pet guinea pigs, or exotic pet birds.
Minimum risk pesticide. EPA registration exempt product under FIFRA section 25(b).
Active Ingredient: CEDAR OIL - 10%, 40 CFR 152.25 CAS # 68990-83-0
Inert Ingredient: HYDRATED SILICA - 90%, 4 A 40 CFR 180.950 CAS # 7699-41-4

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