Pump Style Atomizer for Cedar Oil Pest Control Sprays

Pump Style Atomizer for Cedar Oil Pest Control Sprays

Hand Held Pump Up Style Sprayer:

  • Adjustable spray nozzle from stream to fan spraying
  • Push button trigger with lock button for continuous spraying
  • Perfect for application of both indoor and outdoor cedar oil formulas
The style pump up type sprayer is recommended when application of cedar oil is in preparation of fogging a structure or when a project involves a bit more than preventative insect control treatments. Just place cedar oil formula of choice into sprayer cup then pump up this sprayer per instructions in the usage tab on this page. You can spray larger areas effectively and easily with this easy to use applicator.

Directions for pump sprayer use to apply cedar oil:

  • Fill bottle with desired amount of product no further than maximum fill line. Replace top securely.
  • Do not fill past maximum fill line to avoid over spill under pressure. Pressurize bottle by pumping the plunger on handle 20 to 30 times.
  • Press trigger down on handle to dispense product while pointing spray nozzle where treatment is desired. To adjust spray pattern, rotate spray nozzle until desired spray pattern is achieved. For continuous spray, use button to lock trigger in open position. If product will no longer spray and project is not complete simply close trigger and pump up using the plunger again as above.
  • When desired spraying is complete or prior to removing top of sprayer for any reason, be sure residual pressure is relieved by holding trigger in open position until product will no longer dispense from the sprayer. While removing top, always hold openings away from body/face to avoid unwanted contact with escaping pressurized contents. Unscrew top slowly until certain contents are not under any remaining pressure.
  • Clean after each use by running fresh warm water through sprayer. Dry completely before storing sprayer.
  • Outdoor spraying not recommended during windy conditions.

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