When caring for wood structures certainly termite damage is one of the first dangers many people think of. Fortunately a cedar oil formulation has been developed to maximize the natural bio-cide qualities of oil extracted from eastern red cedar trees. Nature's Defender Termicide is effective non-chemical termite control that will neutralize termite activity quickly. Sealing of wood or concrete structures such as decks, fences, railings, siding, shakes, wood playground equipment, outdoor wood furniture, hot tub decks, gazebos and even entire log built homes can be achieved easily with Petriwood, a cedar oil based organic sealing formula. Treating, stabilizing and caring for wood or concrete surfaces with long lasting results is now organically available. Protecting your investment from the deteriorating effects of exposure to the elements and of ordinary use over time is now available by using all natural products that are created from sustainable and renewable all natural cedar oil based solutions. Quality driven contractors, builders and architects will benefit from pretreatment with Petriwood cedar oil sealant for roof and floor trusses, roof decks and sheathing, sub flooring, beams, studs, paneling, joists, mill work and trim and load bearing walls.