Nature's Defender Termicide Ready to Use - 1 Gallon

Nature's Defender Termicide Ready to Use -  1 Gallon

NATURES DEFENDER Termicide was originally Invented for the Hawaii PCO and Professional Exterminators. TERMICIDE and WOOD DECAY PROTECTION is beneficial as a contact killer and repellent of all Termite Species. Total penetration of wood, stone and concrete is achieved while delivering a lethal dose of Specially Modified Cedar Oil to the Termite or Ant species harboring in or below the material surface. Excellent for death and evacuation of termites attacking wooden structures below or above ground level. Total Penetration of Agent Gold into the wood will eliminate the wood eating insect forever. Treatment results mirror early stages of organically induced petrified wood, a off-limit area for all insects. The absence of moisture is the absence of both fungal and insect issues.

Termicide - Gallon

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