Sooths insect damaged skin quickly and naturally!

Genes NM Soothing Cream - 8 ounce

Genes NM Soothing Cream - 8 ounce

NM Soothing Cream - 8 oz.

NM Soothing Cream is an all natural skin cream for temporary relief of a host of skin anomalies and symptoms. This cream was specially formulated for Gene's All Natural Products by a registered nurse who is one of the leading formulators of all natural skin care products in the industry. This product may help to reduce itching, burning and general soreness and irritation to affected skin. This cream is Manufactured in an FDA and EPA Registered Facility.

Neither DG Cedar Oil or Gene's All Natural Products make ANY medical claims about use of this lotion. We do have anecdotal evidence that it is very useful in helping to aid in the relief of symptoms of minor skin conditions and abnormalities such as Morgellons and other conditions.

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